Young Voices (ages 9+):

Using core principles of the Music Makers programme, this is an opportunity for children to learn the basics of good singing – posture, breathing, and voice production. It provides an excellent training ground for all young musicians – singing in an ensemble heightens listening skills and develops a fine sense of pitch and rhythm.

Note that the songs taught do not reflect popular music culture but are rather world music, incorporating rhythmic challenges and a variety of melodic patterns. The tutor may use instruments such as guitar, Bass Xylophone and ukulele to enhance performance of the songs.

Young Voices is, as for all other Music Makers classes, based on the core principles of the music educators Carl Orff and Zoltan Kodaly. More details of the Orff Association New Zealand are available here

While most members of Young Voices have attended previous levels of Music Makers, this is not a prerequisite.