Music Makers and Young Voices

Our popular Music Makers/Young Voices programme for children aged 3-12 years is the best place for youngsters to start. Music Makers combines learning with fun and creativity, providing a solid foundation and enabling children to experience, understand and be creative in the world of musical sound. We believe that:

  • music is in every child
  • every child&#39s first instrument is the body &#45 and the voice within.

The programme is based on the core principles of respected music educators Carl Orff and Zoltan Kodaly, and uses singing and movement, as well as tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments. As the children progress, the emphasis increasingly becomes use of the voice, and they can eventually join our children&#39s choir Young Voices.

Music Makers/Young Voices is in four levels:

  • Level 1, ages 3-5
  • Levels 2/3, ages 6-8
  • Young Voices, ages 9+

Music Makers

At Levels 1 and 2 the focus is mostly on enjoyment. Children learn about simple musical ideas, exploring nursery rhymes, rhythmic actions, finger plays, chants, action songs and dancing using the voice and a variety of different instruments. At Levels 3 aural skills become increasingly important and the voice starts to become the primary instrument for music training. A clearer understanding of notation is learned, along with more complex melodies and rhythms.

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