The flute is apart of the woodwind section, blown transverse to produce a sound. It is suitable for all ages, however younger students who struggle to physical manage the flute, may be advised to start on the fife and later transition to the flute. The fife is a small , high-pitched, transverse flute, that is similar to the piccolo, but louder and shriller due to its narrower bore. It is often used in military and marching bands.

During the course of the year, students will be exposed to a vast repertoire, fostering musical knowledge and skill. Students are also encouraged to participate within the flute ensemble, wind band or sinfonia to expand their musical skills and experience.

Students are given the opportunity to play within a flute ensemble, comprising of a range of instruments within the flute family, such as the alto flute and the piccolo. A wide range of pieces are selected, from Tchaikovsky to Disney, ensuring every student has an in-depth musical background. The ensemble is suitable for students who have gained some experience learning the instrument already.