Classes are available for:

  • Classical/Spanish Guitar
  • Rhythm/Contemporary Guitar
  • Electric Guitar

Students should be at least age 7 to begin Guitar study. As a preliminary step, we recommend Ukulele for those aged 6.

Classical/Spanish Guitar &#45 Beginners and Continuers

Each weekly sessions consists of a half-hour group class and a half-hour guitar ensemble session.

A nylon-string guitar is preferable to a steel-string guitar, but if the student already has access to a steel-string guitar he/she is free to use it.

The Beginner&#39s Classical/Spanish classes provides an introduction to basic guitar techniques and a focus on learning to read music. Some rhythm guitar (chords and strumming) tuition is included. In the Continuer&#39s classes, students gradually learn to read and play more complex music at higher positions on the guitar. From year 3, Continuer&#39s classes include material from the Trinity College of Music guitar curriculum. Students have the option of taking practical exams if they wish; however additional tuition is required.

Rhythm/Contemporary Guitar Classes &#45 Beginners and Continuers

This is a half-hour group class. A nylon or steel-string guitar is required. Nylon is recommended for younger beginners.

This class is for students who want to focus solely on the rhythm guitar (reading chords and strumming) and reading tablature. No music notation is taught in these classes. Beginner&#39s classes focus on learning basic chords and strumming styles. Continuer&#39s classes focus further on students&#39 chord and fretboard knowledge, strumming styles, and introduce reading tablature.

Classical Guitar Ensemble Sessions

All Classical Guitar students are encouraged to join one of three guitar ensembles &#45 Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. These are half-hour sessions available free to students who are already enrolled in a Classical Guitar class, provide a unique opportunity for guitarists to develop ensemble skills, and give experience of playing with others at a similar level. At Beginner level, the emphasis is on playing rhythm guitar (learning simple chords and strumming styles) and includes some guitar ensemble playing (two, three and four-part music). Intermediate ensembles incorporate a mix of rhythm guitar and guitar ensemble playing. The advanced ensemble session is of one hour duration &#45 half focusing on guitar ensemble music and half on contemporary/rhythm styles.