Music programmes – 2018

Term Three begins 28th July. Enrol here or email      

Learn Guitar

Classes are available for: -Classical/Spanish Guitar -Rhythm Guitar -Bass Guitar Ensemble options available.            

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Term 3 begins on 28th July.

Class times/minimum ages for students newly-enrolling in Term 3

Class Time 


First Session  July 28th
Brass 7 11:30am
Cello 7 10:00am
Clarinet 7 10:30am
Drums 7 Wait-listing
Erhu 10 9:00am
Fife 6 12:50pm
Flute 7 12:20pm
Guitar-Bass 7 9:30am
Guitar-Classical 7 8:00am
Guitar-Rhythm 7 11:00am
Keyboard 7 1:00pm
Music Makers I (age 3-5) 3 9:30am
Music Makers II/III (age 6-8) 6 9:00am
Young Voices (MM IV) 9 11:00am
Recorder 6 10:00am
Saxophone 7 9:00am
Sinfonia Varies 10:30am
String orchestra Varies 8:30am
Ukulele 6 12:30pm
Violin 4 12:50pm

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